About Zenith Direct

Zenith Direct is an Australian owned and operated Sales and Marketing Company that specialises in the professional delivery of field sales, face-to-face customer services and call center services.


In a world where digital, faceless marketing is common we believe that people still respond best to people – and this belief is at the core of our business.  By delivering our clients products and services directly to customers doorsteps, workplace, entertainment and event complexes we are able to deliver the highest standard of customer service; personalising the entire experience creating a real connection between customer and product.  Through this interactive experience it enables the customer to ask questions and fully assess their options tailoring everything to their specific needs.  


Speaking directly to thousands of potential customers on a daily basis our representatives leave a valuable and lasting impression of the charities, organisations, products and services we represent.

Zenith Direct's Administration, Training, Support and Management Structure is diverse and made up of a team of Sales, Business and Analytical professionals. This excellent structure is essential for the efficient processing of applications, any customer service issues and the continual training and development of our representatives.

About Us
Zenith Direct - Our Purpose

Zenith Direct is dedicated to providing professional outsourced Sales, Customer Service and Lead Generation Services representing products and brands in line with our Client’s Goals. We aim to provide simplified, accurate and quality leads, sales, data and compliance in turn being committed to our Client’s success.