We will work with you. At Zenith Direct, we have the capability to get your Product or Service to market through a number of different channels. Whether it be face-to-face or over the phone, our experience in scaling up or down to suit our clients is one of our key strenghts.

Strategy & Planning
Field Marketing, Direct Sales & Contact Centre

Field Marketing, Direct Sales & Contact Centres are powerful tools to get your Product or Service in front of new customers. Our team of Customer Service and Sales Professionals will represent your business to the highest standard, while delivering a cost effective and efficient channel to people and busiensses that want your product or service.


We also understand that when outsourcing representation of your business, Compliance and Brand Reputation are of the highest importance and should never be compromised. Zenith Direct has built it's reputation on the back of the Clients we represent and it is our priority  to continue to do so while delivering industry leading results.

product's we've represented:
  • Energy and Gas

  • Solar Panels

  • Lighting

  • Charity

  • Gyms and Fitness

Channels to Market
  • Residential Sales

  • Shopping centre kiosks

  • Contact Centre Services

  • Specialised Business Development Managers

  • Special & Promotional Events

Systems & Analytics

With industry leading results and performance, Zenith Direct understands the importance of process, systems and analytics. These elements are the core of effective and accurate management as well as providing key decision making data. We are able to integrate our workforce and processes with Clients systems to meet their unique needs. We also have the ability to work closely with Clients to develop new processes and systems in order to enter new sales & customer service channels.

Zenith Direct will always ensure data is collected so it's integrity is maintained. We are able to develop recording or reporting systems to meet the needs of our Clients or work in with our Clients systems.

Services Provided
  • Consumer Direct Sales

  • Business Direct Sales

  • Lead Generation & Appointment Setting

  • Promotions 

  • Consumer Research Campaigns

  • Internal Auditing & Compliance

  • Training Development & Delivery

  • Sales Verification Processes